Welcome word
Welcome speech of the editor-in-chief - director of the Collection of "Scientific Bulletin of the Scientific Research Institute of Pretrial Investigation Problems
Dear scientific community!
We bring to your attention the first issue of the collection of scientific articles Scientific Bulletin of the Research Institute of Pretrial Investigation Problems.  

The publication is founded by the Scientific Research Institute of Pretrial Investigation Problems and the "DEFENSORES" Bar Association. 

In the modern conditions of transformational transformations taking place in most spheres of social life under martial law, globalization, European integration processes, and the development of information technologies, jurisprudence is significant. The latter is intended to form a conceptual basis for the legal provision of qualitative transformations based on the proposed science-based ways of solving existing social problems. 

The thematic orientation of the magazine covers a wide range of special legal and interdisciplinary issues related to the qualification of criminal offences and problems of pre-trial investigation. 

The journal's editorial board is made up of leading scientists from Ukraine and foreign countries, who are representatives of various subject areas of legal research and are competent to provide a professional assessment of the authors' scientific developments. Our publication is intended to become a worthy source of scientific and practical information for everyone interested in issues of qualification of criminal offences, problems of pre-trial investigation and ways of solving them, ensuring human rights, and other relevant issues of legal science.  

In the columns of the current issue, the scientific achievements of experts in the field of law are published, which are devoted to the development of important current problems in the fields of criminal and criminal procedural law.  

I express my deep gratitude to the authors of the articles and the entire editorial board for their joint work and close cooperation in shaping the content of the publication.  

I wish the authors of the journal further scientific achievements and fruitful research, and the readers - useful impressions, and deepening of their research searches.  

We invite representatives of legal science and practising lawyers to a fruitful scientific dialogue and interesting discussions on the pages of our magazine.  

Best regards, 

editor-in-chief, director of the Research Institute 

of pre-judicial investigation problems, 

Doctor of Law, Professor Olena BABIKOVA